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Advanced Search Search Tips. Click the button below to add the Traditions Springfield Musket Muzzleloading Rifle 58 Caliber to your wish list. The most widely used rifle during the Civil War, the Springfield was a favorite due to its' reliability, accuracy, and range. The 40" barrel and.

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While difficult to find during the early Civil War years, it became the first rifle produced at such a large scale and its' popularity continues today. This rifle is an authentic reproduction made with high quality, premium metal and wood finishes as well as hand-oiled wood stocks.

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Loading and Firing a Civil War Springfield Rifle Musket

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Enter your name: optional. Traditions Enfield Muzzleloading Rifle 58 Caliber.About 60, of these rifles were made, and it was a standard infantry weapon for Union and Confederates alike, until the Model supplanted it, obviating the use of the insufficiently waterproof Maynard tape primer. The Model Springfield was a rifled musket used in the mid 19th century.

Earlier muskets had mostly been smoothbore flintlocks. In the s, the unreliable flintlocks had been replaced by much more reliable and weather resistant percussion cap systems. This increased the typical effective range of a musket from about fifty yards 46 m to several hundred yards. The barrel on the Model was. The Model Musket and all of its derivatives up through the Model Musket had been. Army showed that the smaller. The Model also used the Maynard tape primer, which was an attempt at improving the percussion cap system that had been previously developed.

Instead of using individual caps which had to be placed for every shot, the Maynard system used a tape which was automatically fed every time the hammer was cocked, similar to the way a modern child's cap gun works. The weapon could also be primed in the usual way with standard percussion caps if the tape was unavailable.

In the field, the Maynard tape primer proved to be unreliable. Tests conducted between and found that half of the primers misfired, and also reported that the tape primer springs did not feed well. Despite being advertised as waterproofthe paper strips proved to be susceptible to moisture. An attempt was made to remedy this problem by making the tape primers out of foil, but despite the improvement this brought, the Ordnance Department abandoned the Maynard system and went back to the standard percussion lock in later muskets like the Model Approximately 75, Model muskets were produced.

The captured machinery to produce rifle muskets was taken to Richmondwhere it formed the "backbone" of Confederate weapon manufacturing capability. The Rifle machinery was taken to FayettevilleNorth Carolina where it too was put to use for significant arms production throughout the War. As a result of using the original arsenal machinery, the Richmond rifle muskets and the Fayetteville rifles were two of the finest weapons produced by the Confederacy.

The Model was in production until and was the standard-issue firearm of the regular army in the pre-Civil War years. The need for large numbers of weapons at the start of the American Civil War saw the Model simplified by the removal of the Maynard tape primer and a few other minor alterations to make it cheaper and easier to manufacture, thus creating the ubiquitous Model Springfield.

The Model was the best arm available at the beginning of the conflict as it took some time for the Model s to be manufactured and actually reach the field. However, less than 80, Model s had been manufactured by the start of the war.

Some of them were destroyed when the Confederates captured the Harper's Ferry Arsenal in Apriland several thousand more were in Southern hands.

Approximately 10, rifles had also been shipped to Californiaand therefore were useless for the Union war effort. The attacking Native Americans were dispatched by U.

Lawrence Kip noted: "Strange to say, not one of our men was injured This was owing to the long range rifles now first used by our troops Had these men been armed with those formerly used, the result of the fight, as to the loss on our side, would have been far different, for the enemy outnumbered us, and had all of the courage that we are accustomed to ascribe to Indian savages.

But they were panic-struck by the effect of our fire at such great distances. The Model is generally referred to as rifle-musket, since it was the same length as the muskets that it replaced. Three rifle bands held the barrel to the stock. A shorter two band version, generally referred to as the Harpers Ferry Model rifle, was also produced. The Model musket was modified in to include a simpler rear sight the typical flip-up leaf typea patch box on the side of the buttstock, and an iron nosecap to replace the brass one.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Eligible for. The most widley used rifle during the Civil War, the Springfield was a favorite due to its' reliability, accuracy, and range.

springfield muzzle loading rifle

The 40" barrel and. While difficult to find during the early Civil War years, it became the first rifle produced at such a large scale and its' popularity continues today. This rifle is an authentic reproduction made with high quality, premium metal and wood finishes as well as hand-oiled wood stocks. Perfect for shooters, hunters, enthusiasts, collectors, and those performing re-enactments.

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Ships tomorrow from MidwayUSA. Made in USA. Black Powder Caliber: 58 Caliber. Sight Type: Military Style. Ignition Type: Percussion. Stock Finish: Oil-Finished Walnut. Stock Material: Wood. Notify Me. Add to Wish List.

springfield muzzle loading rifle

For more information go to - www.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The Springfield maintains the classic styling and handling of the time-honored Hawken, while offering great performance and affordability. Features include advanced cold-drawn processed barrel that simultaneously creates deep-groove rifling, finished bore diameter, and outside octagonal dimension for a more smooth, accurate barrel.

The percussion model boasts high-visibility open sights plus fast-action locking hooked breech for easy barrel cleaning and removal. The Springfield Hawken features a smooth single-action trigger in an oversized glove-fitting, trigger-guard with finger rest. The rifle also comes complete with classic brass embellishments and inlaid solid brass butt plate.

springfield muzzle loading rifle

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The Gun Works opened its doors for business on January 15, when Joe made the decision to turn his "hobby" into a "living". Suzi joined the operations when she and Joe were married in Joe brings more than 40 years of experience in muzzle loading to his customers.

He started shooting and trading muzzle loaders in the late 's before there were factory produced guns on the market. Joe is a tenured black powder shooter with 18 years of competitive experience on the line. His experience is valuable to the new shooter, as well as the tenured buckskinner.

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The Gun Works makes an effort to set up for business at major West Coast rendezvous offering a wide selection of accessories. Among the wares are some of the finest rifles being manufactured today. Please feel free to stop in and get acquainted! Dealer Inquiries.

Order Catalog. Product Warranty. One nation Under God Indivisible. Back to top of page.The Springfield Model is a. The Model was only a minor improvement over the Springfield Model As such, it is sometimes classified as just a variant of the Model The Modelwith all of its variants, was the most commonly used longarm in the American Civil Warwith overmanufactured.

The Model also has the distinction of being the last muzzle-loading longarm produced by the Springfield Armory. The Model was produced in two variants. The Type I eliminated the band springs and replaced the flat barrel bands with oval clamping bands.

It also featured a new ramroda case-hardened lock, a new hammer, and a redesigned bolster percussion chamber. Several of these modifications were based upon Colt 's contract modelknown as the "Colt special".

The Type II is sometimes referred to as the Modelbut is more commonly referred to as just a variant of the Model This version re-introduced band springs, replaced the clamping bands with solid oval bands, and replaced the three leaf rear sight with single leaf sight. A total ofof these were manufactured from to By the end of the Civil War, muzzle-loading rifles and muskets were considered obsolete. In the years following the Civil War, many Model muskets were converted into breech-loading "Trapdoor Springfields".

The breech-loading weapons increased the rate of fire from three to four rounds per minute to eight to ten rounds per minute. The Model could be converted to breech-loading for about five dollars, at a time when a new rifle would cost about twenty dollars.

The conversion of Model rifles therefore represented a significant cost savings to the U. The US Military never adopted the converted Springfields although many were used by various European militaries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Type of Rifled musket. United States. Weapons of the American Civil War. Ketchum grenade Double-barreled shotgun.

Agar gun Gatling gun. Hidden categories: Articles with short description.One of the best ways possible to get a real hands-on muzzleloading experience is to build it yourself! These kits are the perfect project for families to build together or to help pass those long winter nights. Easy to read instructions guide you through the building process to a finished product. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing you built the rifle or pistol you enjoy shooting so much!

With high quality, premium finish on the wood and metal as well as hand-oiled stocks, this kit is perfect for parents and children, groups, or other organziations to do together. The Springfield was the most widely used weapon during the Civil War. It was favored due to the reliability, accuracy, and range this rifle provided. It was the first rifled shoulder weapon to be produced on such a large scale.

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