Shallow water river jet boats

The Tunnel Hull Difference. Frequently asked Questions. Right in the heart and soul of shallow water proving grounds, as well as the steelhead fishing capital of the world.

When it comes to shallow water boating, the SJX is a razor blade among butter knives. The SJX is the most unique high performance aluminum jet boat in the country because of its unmatched power-to-weight ratio, fuel economy, tremendous payload, brutal acceleration, superb handling, along with its unmatched shallow water abilities. SJX boats are multipurpose, hunting, fishing, working, and touring jet boats that will get you and your gear where you want to go, even when those other boats can't.

Performance like no other. Quality that is unbeaten. Unforgetable Experiences. See what we've been working on lately. See all the places we have the SJX. We now offer more extensive driving classes for those who want to get to most out of their SJX Jet Boat.

Contact us today for detailed information. A tunnel hull boat can run shallow. That's right! A boat with a tunnel hull allows the jet to inset instead of hanging down below the bottom of the boat. Learn More. A tunnel hull boat can run shallow That's right!Will easily haul 5 men or a quad in 6 inches of Boat has full UHMW bottom protection, boat is great for running very shallow rivers and will go where most other boats can t. This custom jet boat has an extreme duty flat bottom hull made to handle the most shallow extreme waters.

These are the hulls that are made to handle launching Ultimate durablity and performancecurrently, it is 1 intake in Russia, and we have surpassed our international competitors in quality and price. We offer you Outboard jet16 flat bottom with teflon, tunnel hull, extreme shallow running river boat.

Built new up from the bare hull. Camaro 2ss - black on black, leather. Product details See structure and cover with a new level of refined detail and at a range unmatched by any other structure imaging technology with Active Gibbons motor toys may not be exactly as shown. Call for details!

shallow water river jet boats

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Reserve a pre-packaged boat online, featuring our most popular colors and options, and pick it up at your local dealer in as little as one week pending dealer inventory! If your angling passion takes you to the narrowest, rockiest shallows, you need the Lowe Roughneck Tunnel Jet. This durable, thoughtfully designed jon boat offers a weight-forward center console to keep the draft as shallow as possible, and a high-performance jet tunnel engine configuration that protects your engine from damage.

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Lowe will repair or replace any structural defect in material or workmanship in the hull seams reported during original purchaser's ownership. Lowe will repair or replace a defect in any other part of the hull reported within 10 years of the date of delivery to the original purchaser, following a pro rated schedule.

Lowe boat warranties are transferable through your local Lowe dealer adding to the resale value of your boat. If the boat is sold during its warranty period, the standard component warranty coverage and prorated 10 year warranty coverage will carry over to the new owner once the warranty is transferred through an authorized Lowe dealer. Limitations and restrictions apply. See your local Lowe dealer for details. Transferability applies to and newer fishing boats.

Heavy Duty Edition 0.Whether it be creek fishing, pond pounding, river running or lazy days on the lake if you plan to boat on inland bodies of water, or near the shoreline, then you will need a boat that can navigate the shallows. We all know that not all boats are suited to shallow water but what you may not know is that not all shallow water boats are suited to every shallow water boating activity. What boats are best for shallow water? The best boats for shallow water have flat-bottomed hulls and a shallow draft.

Different shallow draft boats suit different marine environments and different activities. The best flat bottom boat for your needs will depend on the exact type of environment you intend to use the boat in and the specific activities you will use it for.

If you are unsure about which specific shallow water boat is best suited to you please read on. The thing that makes a boat fit for use in shallow water is its shallow draft. A shallow draft boat sits very close to the surface of the water making them extremely stable in calm waters and giving them the capability of navigating waters that are extremely shallow — exactly opposite to the v-hull, deep draft boats that are used for turbulent waters and the ocean.

If you do not understand the difference between shallow draft and deep draft we would advise you to quickly read this short overview of draft so you can better understand what makes a good shallow water boat good.

Before we can narrow down exactly which boat is the best fit for you it is a good idea to look at the different types of shallow water boats available. Although there are a large range of shallow water boats see our list of flat bottomed boatswe will assume that you are interested in a personal utility or recreational vessel and therefore we will exclude watercraft such as large industrial barges, sailing dorys and gondolas etc.

The type of shallow water boat that will suit your personal use will fall into one of the following categories:. This is a rather large list of boat types which can be intimidating to the new boater. A Jon boat is a cheap, versatile, utility boat that is perfect for use in extremely shallow waters. Jon boats are the most popular personal shallow boat in the US because they are so versatile and affordable. In fact, you can even build your own for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Jon boats are very popular across the world and are a very common sight on American waters as they are used for utility work, fishing, hunting and transportation across shallow waterways. Jon boats are the best choice for use in creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes. However, there are exceptions to this that come in the form of semi-v also know as mod-v Jon boats. Semi-v Jon boats are more capable of handling more challenging waters than a standard Jon boat but they still have a shallow draft.

If you want more information of the two types of Jon boat read our article about Jon boat types. Be aware that if you plan to use your shallow draft Jon boat in saltwater you will need to take precautions to protect it as it will undoubtedly be made from aluminum. The canoe has been around for at least 10, years and it is no surprise. It is an excellent shallow watercraft for use on inland waterways and many canoes are even sea-worthy.

Canoes are usually larger and wider than Jon boats and offer more room to store more stuff. Where a Jon boat looks like a utility vessel and is usually painted green, a canoe is usually made of stained or painted wood and just looks awesome. Although most canoes will be propelled via simple one bladed paddles they can be easily fitted with an outboard trolling motor. As they are usually big, bulky and heavy they can be more difficult to transport and move over land. If you are unsure about whether a canoe or a Jon boat is a better fit for you read our article on that subject here.Last Updated on January 23, If you are looking for high-performance, thrilling water rides, jet boats are the way to go.

With these jets, you can drive at exhilarating speeds, enjoy unparalleled maneuverability and boast leap onto planes without holding back. These watercraft are uniquely different from your traditional water boat. Unlike the conventional prop and outdrive used in water boats, jet boats are powered by single or double engine configurations with an impeller that sucks water in through a grate in the hull and propels the boat.

One of the biggest factors here is safety; without a prop at the back, anyone can swim or tube near the stem without worrying too much. Another thing about jet boats is that you can practically take them any place because they have less of a draft. You can easily take your jet boat stern in and walk out into the beach without having to swim to land. Make sure the water is a couple of inches deep and has no obstructions. With a jet boat, you can get multiple seating rooms with enough space to move around the boat thanks to the compact engines.

These boats tend to be smaller and are commonly used for navigating in inland waterways like lakes and rivers or in areas near the shore. They also make an ideal choice for family watersports like waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. A jet boat is one of those crazy adventure sport boats that was originally developed by a New Zealander.

September Low Water River Jetboat Run in Southwest Ohio

These boats do not operate like regular motorboats. It has water intake systems that are similar to jet skis.

The first jet boat did not have any propellers so that it would be able to navigate very shallow rivers that New Zealand is known for. With a massive jet boat like a Shotover, you can travel at an impressive 85 kph in waters as shallow as 10 centimeters.

With propellers, these boats can perform their signature degree spins. Sir William Hamilton originally developed jet boats back in the year for use in the shallow and fast flowing rivers in New Zealand. This was specifically designed to overcome the problem of propellers striking rocks. Before Hamilton, there were many attempts at making water jet propulsion but were not lasting mostly because the design of the units were inefficient and did not prove to be better than the conventional propellers.

This was the beginning of the popularity of jet boats and jet units. With further improvements down the years, water jet proved to be more advantageous than propellers for a wide variety of vessels.

Today, water jets are widely used in several high-speed vessels like patrol boats, rescue craft, offshore supply vessels, and passenger ferries. Jet-powered boats may date back to the s, but it did not enter the mainstream market until the s when the sale for jet boats and personal watercraft kicked off at an impressive rate.

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Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What is the prefect shallow water river boat? Thread starter cddogfan1 Start date Jul 17, What is the perfect shallow water river boat?

I have a G3 with a 60hp Yahama. But lattely have not been able to use it much here in the Oconee where I live. So I have been giving alot of thought as to my options. Should I convert it from a prop drive to a jet drive? I have even thought about selling the whole rig and buying something with a mud motor MudBuddy or Gator Tail. What do you guy think?

If the things continue like they have the last few years it is something all of us river fisherman will have to think about if we want to spend much time on the river. I had a jet drive on a Grizzly. It ran in next to no water.

My buddy had a 17' Wooldridge with a hp jet. Thats the baddest river boat I've ever been in. Look at their website, wooldridge boats. They're made in Alaska, but you can find some around the Atlanta area for sale. I wouldn't be suprised if Trent Palmer had one he wanted to sale. Jeremy what hp was on your Grizzly? I have had some concerns that the 60 hp once converted to Jet would not be enough.But, which boats are best for the shallows? Explore All Boat Types. The best boats for shallow water are those that are designed specifically for it.

But before you can understand why a particular boat may or may not be good in the shallows, there are a few specifics we need to make sure everyone fully understands.


When it comes to boats with tilting drives, as a general rule of thumb add about nine inches to the engine-up draft to get an idea of how much depth the boat needs with the engine tilted down far enough to safely put it in gear and get the boat moving forward. In some cases, tilting an engine completely down can increase draft by well over a foot.

shallow water river jet boats

When a boat comes onto plane it rises up out of the water substantially, and this can reduce draft by a matter of several inches or even more. Tilting the engine up a bit can reduce running draft even further.

Stealth Series Aluminum Sled Jet Boats

So a boat with a static, engine-down draft of two feet may be able to actually cruise through just a foot or so of water without ever running aground. Jon boats in particular have extremely shallow draft, thanks to their flat bottoms. Explore Aluminum Fishing Boats. Explore Bass Boats. Bay boats and flats boats that are intended for fishing shallow flats, back-country creeks and bays, and remote areas, naturally are designed to run as shallow as possible.

Flats boats tend to have a bit less draft than bay boats, but bay boats usually have a bit more V in their hull and can handle bigger waves. Explore Jet Boats. There are also some highly specialized boats out there which are intended purely for running as shallow as possible.

shallow water river jet boats

Most are designed to serve specific fisheries. These are flat-bottom boats with a tunnel in the hull, which feeds water upwards to the raised propeller. Scooters are native to the Gulf coast, and are mostly manufactured by a small number of semi-custom builders for anglers who want to be able to run through mere inches of water. Tunnel boats are a bit more widespread and several builders offer models with tunnels. Whether you have a boat designed specifically for shoal draft or not, knowing some basics about operating in the shallows is important.

But running aground at high speed is dangerous, can severely damage your boat, and can lead to being stranded and unable to get the boat off the bottom.

shallow water river jet boats

If you run aground slowly, the danger is minimal and you have a much better chance of getting back off. Leave it a couple inches down, however, and if you run aground you can tilt it up that last little bit and still have the ability to back off and seek a deeper path. But tidal cycles are also important to know so that if you run aground and get stuck, you know what to do next. But if you know the tide is rising, you may want to simply kick back and relax, until the water level rises enough to float you free.

If, on the other hand, you know the tide is falling, you may want to take measures to get it off asap before the situation becomes even worse. Channels and deeper waters often appear dark in color, while sandy shoals look like light spots in the water.