How to use pedal commander

By Allison Rudolph July 06, Nowadays everybody is talking about Pedal Commander, but do you know how it functions? Manufacturers want their cars to appeal to the masses to generate a higher number of sales, which makes them less concerned about the people that want a certain ability or feature.

If you buy a bed, do you just sleep on a bare mattress? You buy the most comfortable sheets, maybe with a color or pattern that you like, and pillows to make sure you truly enjoy a good night of sleep. Don't settle for what a dealer gives you, make it your own! Some higher end vehicles like BMW and Porsche have started to come out with different driving programs for their vehicles. But can everyone afford luxury cars? Or even if you can, is it really worth the extra couple thousand of dollars for the upgrade on top of the sticker price?

Pedal Commander allows you to have the responsiveness of these additional features, at a fraction of the cost! Pedal Commander fits a wide range of households. Our goal is to give you the ability to make your car work for YOU and the way YOU want it, not make you adapt to the one version of the car a dealer sold you.

While this has proven to be mostly popular with trucks and other vehicles for towing, it is just as effective on smaller engines and even hybrids. Want to be the first to get upcoming news and promotions for Pedal Commander? Why was Pedal Commander created? Why don't vehicles come from the factory with a device like Pedal Commander?

What are the differences between each mode? Newsletter Want to be the first to get upcoming news and promotions for Pedal Commander?Check out the top 10 best pedal commander reviews for ?

Pedal Commander App for iOS and Android

High accuracy, excellent throttle response controller. The technological improvements experienced by the world in the last decade have been tremendous to put it in the least. These improvements cut across various sectors of human endeavor.

That anyone can think of including but not limited to business, finance, health, education, hospitality, mobile devices, automobiles, etc. One industry that has grown considerably is the automobile industry from its days of early beginnings.

And also, stick shift gears to the modern smart cars now available worldwide for consumer satisfaction. It has now become very imperative to choose these smart cars over the old ones because of the enhanced performance displayed. Gone are the days when driving a car was just all about technical know-how, with the world moving on to electric cars steadily. Now, these fantastic introductions have to cater to an ever-growing audience. And so does the need for more comfortable and more efficient access to some original accessories you need to keep them in good condition.

The engine of a car, they say, is the heart and soul of the car. Without proper care and maintenance, it, therefore, remains just a death trap. The pedal commander has so far shown commendable service by creating the perfect device. It eliminates response delays in your electronic gas pedals. And thus making them available to buyers all over the world without undue stress.

Pedal Commander App for iOS and Android

And how they can help to improve your lifestyle and the performance of your vehicle. There has never in time been an acceptable substitute for comfort. And well, Pedal Commander helps you to keep real happiness in a tight embrace for as long as you require like jeep tuner. At the same time, enjoy the best of all worlds as far as the automotive industry is concerned.

This is the first product of our pedal commander reviews for the s list. Pedal Commander offers the best engine product. They have a special craft with the best of new-age technology for your Dodge RAM with this amazing Throttle Response Controller. Dodge cars are known worldwide for their fantastic performance. Ranked 8 in large cars by the U. S News and World report with numerous models.

Since inception, dodge cars are the way to go when looking for a fast car with equally strong engines that can weather any storm. What more? This fantastic device works effectively on all Dodge brands from as far back as to the more recent models.

This Pedal Commander product, like others, is in a class of its own and simply amazing. This is the second product of our pedal commander reviews for the s list. Producers created it to mainly cater to the needs of Toyota Tacoma cars from the edition to date. Toyota Motor Corporation, a Japanese based automobile founded inhas been manufacturing various amazing cars since its creation.

And the Tacoma brand is most definitely one of these impressive cars. The evolution of cars over time has, of course, created the need for more electrically-based vehicles. Obviously, the Tacoma seems to have fallen in line with this trend. With an audience range that spans all the nook and cranny of the world, the need for the Pedal Commander Throttle Controller PC38 for Toyota Tacoma and newer editions, you cannot understate by any means at all.

This fantastic device transforms your Tacoma car from an ordinary four-wheel-drive automotive machine into a beast. Undoubtedly, it delivers the desired results without undue stress. My fantastic Ford automobile, which is my preferred drive for hunting, has experienced an accelerated performance as compared to its throttle response prior to the installation.The electronic throttle does not provide the same performance as it creates a lag from your initial accelerator push.

Pedal Commander allows you to have more control over your vehicle. No, you customize it to make it more comfortable and convenient for your individual needs. This is what Pedal Commander does for your car. It gives you the ability to make your gas pedal more sensitive for a sportier feel, or less sensitive if your main goal is to increase fuel economy.

You also have the ability to change between modes as your needs change! In addition to these modes, you also have eight sensitivity levels to play with.

Pedal Commander.

how to use pedal commander

Want to get rid of the lag when you accelerate in your vehicle? Don't worry - the Pedal Commander will take care of it! Get your Pedal Commander! See More See Less. Comment on Facebook Want to get rid of Formula Drift Pro mattfield having some fun with his Pedal Commander out on the track! Comment on Facebook Formula Drift Pro Comment on Facebook Going sideways with the Pedal Commander! Feel the difference in your Mercedes sprinter van! Set your Pedal Commander to any of the sport settings to have faster response and an easier time merging onto the freeway.

Find the Pedal Commander for your vehicle at www.

Diablo Tuner vs Pedal Commander

Comment on Facebook Feel the difference If you haven't yet make sure to go to our YouTube Channel to see the full video on installing Pedal Commander in these super cars!

Don't forget to turn on your post notifications to know when we upload a new video! We are doing our pedalcommander July Giveaway! It's super-easy to enter - all you need is just to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment on this video. Learn More. Have a question? Working with CarSponsors. First of all CarSponsors. Blog Contact Us Login Menu. View Comments Likes: 12 Shares: 1 Comments: 2.

Just ordered one of these.

Pedal Commander

I hope it improves everything as they say. Isabella Sigala. Pedal Commander 3 days ago. View Comments Likes: 7 Shares: 2 Comments: 0. Pedal Commander 4 days ago. View Comments Likes: 4 Shares: 0 Comments: 0. View Comments Likes: 6 Shares: 3 Comments: 0.If you are a multi-model driver, by now you should have realized the difference in some of the gas pedals.

Older manually operated cars tend to have more responsive pedals compared to digital models. This is not an excuse to take some steps backward. You need pedal commander and you are sorted! This is a throttle response controller designed to remedy the response delays on your gas pedal. I know you are now yearning to get one. However, before you go shopping, I bet you need some vital information on the stuff. Knowledge is power after all, right?

Scroll down. Once you install the pedal commander, you will experience an instant power of your vehicle! But how does how stuff work? You must have noticed that when you want to step on the gas pedal with an intention to overtake a slow-moving car, some seconds pass before your beast reacts.

This is because the signal from the pedal first goes to the engine control unit, which eventually sends it to the actuator motor for action. The pedal commander is designed to connect a shortcut between the pedal and the throttle. It bypasses the actuator thus eliminating the delays. That is not the deal.

how to use pedal commander

The real deal is in the autonomy to adjust the sensitivity of your gas pedal to your taste. Necessity is the mother of the invention. The pedal commander is designed to assist you to get an increased engine response. It gives your car an advantage over the rest of the traffic jam.

The sportsmen too love a car that can respond swiftly to the acceleration. From most reviews online, it is evident that pedal commanders serve its makers intentions of increasing the response time.

And you know what? People are buying it and referring others to also get one for themselves. It is selling, it means its working and if it is working, then it is obviously useful. If you want to do things swiftly, then this is your stuff. Everyone mind a powerful ride should get a throttle controller like the peal commander for better engine response times. All digital cars whose gas pedals are electronically controlled should install the pedal commander.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller. It removes response delays on your electronic accelerator pedal. Effectively, it allows your engine to respond faster. As a result, your car can accelerate faster. You paid lots of money for your car, but when you press your gas pedal, you feel like you are pressing a sponge.

We have a solution for you!! Each control mode has 8 different sensitivity levels which you can choose. These 36 different parameters, in total, is what makes us different than others. Pedal Commander is programmable according to your desire to your cars specifications. And now Available with Bluetooth capability.

In stock. SKU PC Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Vehicle Specific Programming. Pedal Commander is not a generic one-size-fits-all device. It is individually programmed according to the make, model, engine specs of your car.

Each mode has 4 raise and -4 low adjustments. Control options available on the Mobile app and on the device. You are getting a top quality product from us. However, just in case the power electronics are defective, we will replace your product free of charge within 2 years of purchase!

Simply save money and more pleasure driving. To phones, to tablets; Now Bluetooth enables multiple ways to connect. You can stay connected your vehicle and the pedal commander at the same time. Top-notch Quality. Your satisfaction is our top priority. More Information. More Information Manufacturer Pedal Commander.In case your Pedal Commander unit is out of reach and hidden somewhere underneath your dash, we've made it accessible to control the unit right through your phone with our app for iOS Download it here for free on the App Store or Google Play.

This is the menu sidebar located at the top left of the screen. As you scroll down the page, we will show you what each of our features have to offer to make your Pedal Commander fit to your needs. Press the "Connect" button at the center of the screen and follow the on screen instructions to connect to your Pedal Commander.

You can view your saved Bluetooth devices on this page.

10 Best Pedal Commander Reviews in 2020 – Excellent Accuracy

You can store multiple devices and choose to remove or rename by clicking on the gear icon next to the name. To add more devices, click on the "Add another Pedal Commander" button at the bottom of the screen.

On the settings page, you can change the language and background image for your app. You can choose 3 different types of backgrounds. You can view our installation videos on our support section. Click on the "Installation Video" icon and input the serial number associated with your Pedal Commander. This is located on your PC number sticker on the side of the box.

Want to be the first to get upcoming news and promotions for Pedal Commander? App Features. Choose Mode. Black Mesh. Carbon Fiber. App Connection. How to Pair the Pedal Commander Bluetooth. Turn the ignition on in your vehicle and make sure the Pedal Commander is on at least one LED light will be lit. Make sure the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone is on. Pair with the Pedal Commander. Open the application and press the "connect" button.

The application will ask for your 6-digit serial number. This is located on the back of the Pedal Commander unit.

how to use pedal commander

You will need to remove your bracket to locate the serial number. Now that you are connected, you can control the Pedal Commander remotely from your smartphone. You can also customize the visual properties of the app via the options menu. You're all done! App Troubleshoot. Having issues connecting to the app?

Here are some troubleshooting steps. Android phones require 5. Hit the star button on the unit and make sure one of the modes has an LED light lit above it.

Make sure the Bluetooth feature on your device is turned on and you are paired to the device it must be within 15 ft. Do you have the Pedal Commander app downloaded?Log in or Sign up.

Toyota Tundra Forum. Welcome to Tundras. You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Quick Links: Manual rear sliding window on a DC? Pedal commander? Post Reply. If so do they work? Last edited: Nov 24, Have one in 07, easy to install, it works. Think it just changes acceleration curves. Actually bought to smooth at jumpy gas pedal, have on lowest setting so son and wife can drive it better. Problem with earlier gen 2's. Last edited: Nov 25, Trooper2Nov 24, Other thoughts in tuning section.

I added one to my 4x4. Functions exactly how I want my tundra to perform. Install takes 5 min. TundraCoastNov 28, What improvements did you notice? There are 4 modes with multiple levels per mode. The difference between modes is very noticeable when accerlerating, makes the truck feel different. Last edited: Nov 29, Trooper2Nov 29, Joined: Aug 1, Member: Messages: I like my Pedal Commander. I can set the throttle to be more sensitive, kind of like my old Tundra before all that pedal BS came out.

TRD rear sway bar. Bud Built cross member. Arb Diff breather. Grab handle installed. I have the sprint booster and love the simplicity of it.