Chapter 2 accounting quiz

Speak now. Most Popular. Recently Updated. The Ultimate Accounting Quiz! What you see here is what is known as the Ultimate accounting quiz and most of the people who gunner over half the marks have what it takes to be certified in the field. Do you think you have what it takes to tackle it? Sample Question. StockHolders Equity. Chapter M2 Accounting.

Period cost. Factory overhead. Inventoriable cost. Product cost. Basic Accounting Principles Quiz. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of basic Accounting principles. Practical Accounting 1. Accy Chapter 7. Chapter M5 Accounting. Myob Accounting Accounting Quiz Developing accounting standards for particular industries. Determining required disclosures.

Developing definitions of key accounting terms. Tax Accounting Practice Test! Trivia Quiz.

chapter 2 accounting quiz

Chapter M1 Accounting. Product and service quality. Financial Accounting means to analyze, summarize, and record financial transactions as well as to show an accurate picture of financial affairs of the company. This quiz has been developed to test your knowledge of Financial International Accounting Final Exam Total foreign taxes paid are deductions in calculating taxable income.

Foreign income taxes paid are credits against U. Taxpayers may choose between A and B stated above. None of the above. International Accounting Standards. When it can be reliably measured. When it is controlled by the entity. When it is probable that economic benefits will flow to the entity from the asset.Speak now.

Accounting is necessary to predict and measure the growth of a business. With the requirement of this important function for any business, you should stay abreast of the terms and formulas required for it.

Try our interesting online accounting quizzes that will help you learn the basics with every question you attempt. Are you ready for a quick account knowledge quiz? For a business to prosper, what they need most is funding which can come through investments, cash or selling their shares. What do you understand about these different types Sample Question.

Sales of products or services. Owners' claims to resources.

Chapter 2 Accounting

Resources owned. Costs of selling products or services. Amounts owed. Accounting Source Documents Quiz. The origin of the information that is recorded into the accounting books. The origin of the information that is taken from the accounting books. Not the origin of information that is recorded into the accounting books. Fundamentals Of Accounting Test Quiz! But some possess deep knowledge and concepts about Income Statement. Balance Sheet. Cash Flow Statement.

Statement of Stockholder's Equity. Chapter 1 Introduction To Accounting. Accounting Chapter 1 Vocabulary. If you are planning to be a successful accountant you must ensure you have all the vocabularies used in the field in your mind together with the meanings.Played times. Print Share Edit Delete. Live Game Live. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete!

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chapter 2 accounting quiz

Delete Quiz. Question 1. An accounting device used to analyze transactions is a T account. An amount recorded on the right side of a T account is a debit.

chapter 2 accounting quiz

Each asset account has a normal credit balance. Each liability account has a normal debit balance. The balance of an account increases on the same side as the normal balance side. Asset accounts decrease on the credit side. Each transaction changes the balances in at least two accounts. A list of accounts used by a business is a chart of accounts.

When cash is paid for supplies, the Supplies account is increased by a credit. The left side of an asset account is the credit side because asset accounts are on the left side of the accounting equation. A drawing account is increased by debits and decreased by credits. The normal balance side of an Accounts Receivable account is a debit.The term used to describe the assignment of indirect costs to a particular cost object would be.

None of the above. A merchandising company engages in all of the following except for. The cost of materials that have been started into production, but are not completely processed, would be found in which inventory account on the balance sheet? Supplies inventory b. Work-in-process inventory c. Direct materials inventory d.

chapter 2 accounting quiz

Finished goods inventory. Costs at a service sector company are normally considered. Cost of incoming freight on merchandise to be sold to customers by a retail chain would be considered by that merchandiser to be. Dentist b. Advertising flyers, sales commissions b. Plant depreciation, sales commissions c.

Shipping outgoingdirect labor d. Direct labor, plant supervisor salary. Freight-out, salary of the store supervisor b. Salary of the store supervisor, freight-in c. Salary of the store supervisor, freight-out d. Cost assignment involves only tracing accumulated costs with direct relationship to a cost objective. Cost allocation describes the assignment of direct costs to a particular cost object. The cost object has no bearing on whether a cost is direct or indirect.

All fixed costs are considered indirect. A unit cost is valid at only one level of production. Service companies always have a finished goods inventory on their balance sheets. Merchandising companies do not normally manufacture a product. Manufacturing companies normally have three types of inventories on their balance sheets. Inventoriable costs are expensed in the same period in which they are incurred Electricity for a production line is considered an inventoriable cost. Work-in-process inventory Sacrificed 2.

Dentist 8. Finished Goods 9. Plant depreciation, sales commissions Freight-in, salary of the store supervisor True or False. False Cost assignment includes both tracing direct costs and allocating indirect costs.

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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge On Financial Accounting

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CostAccounting-Chapter2 Quiz

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Accounting 1 Practice Tests

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