3847 connecting rods

Small changes offer big benefits when it comes to selecting aftermarket rods for your next Chevy LS engine build. He began by giving us an education the common center-to-center rod dimensions for small-block Chevy engines, both vintage and modern. The 6. They Did the Math. So what is rod ratio, and why is it important? In most cases you will see people trying to get the rod ratio as high as possible. That is pretty impressive for a pushrod V8, as the standard small block was about 1. To put things in perspective, here are a few popular engine families and their respective rod ratios.

For instance, if you have a naturally aspirated motor you will want to fill your chamber with as much air as possible in the given amount of time. By adjusting the rod length, you can increase the dwell time a piston is sitting in a given TDC and BDC to increase the amount of time it has to fill the cylinder.

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Lowering rod ratio has also been done as a tactic to increase the torque in smaller displacement engines. It does come at a cost of increasing cylinder and piston skirt wear. By visualizing the geometric relationship between the crank journal and the wrist pin, you can see that an engine with longer rods will spend more time in terms of both actual milliseconds and degrees of crankshaft rotation with the piston relatively motionless at both the top and the bottom of the stroke.

It will also have less leverage against the sides of the bore at mid-stroke. Rod length also has a significant influence on piston acceleration, which can be an issue for high RPM operation. The dwell time near TDC is longer on the longer rod which allows you to sit in the compression phase slightly longer before the piston is pulled away. Increasing the rod length will decrease the side load and friction, and in theory increase the durability.

With the benefits of a longer rod in mind, what are the potential pitfalls? For one thing, longer rods will require pistons with a shorter compression height the distance between the center of the pin bore and the top of the piston in order to avoid potential interference issues and maintain combustion chamber volume at TDC.

The total package of deck height, stroke, rod length, and piston height all are a function of one another. Since the deck height, stroke, and rod are typically fixed when designing a piston, the piston has to be the variable component to make it all work.

When an engine builder decides to use a longer rod, the compression height needs to be reduced by that exact amount in order to maintain the same total deck clearance. For instance, if you are going from a stock 6. These are readily available from Wiseco. Switching to a. Where you run into trouble is when you no longer have enough room to shorten the compression height. At that point you are forced to move the pin hole into the oil ring. This occurs at about 1.

When going even more extreme, some will convert to a 2 ring piston to allow an even shorter piston. This occurs when you are under. In the case of stroker LS builds, special consideration has to be given to another quirk of factory blocks beyond maintaining a good rod ratio. It starts to create a line at the bottom of the piston where it starts to wear. Aftermarket and LSX blocks have longer sleeve lengths to combat this issue, but the majority of consumers are taking OEM 5. A longer rod will require a piston with a shorter compression height in order to keep the deck clearance the same.

Switching to a longer 6.Few components in an engine are as underappreciated as the connecting rods. As such, the connecting rods are some of the most highly stressed components in an engine, and the loads placed upon them increase dramatically as cylinder pressure, RPM, and horsepower increase.

In extreme racing applications, the loads on a rod can exceed 12, pounds as the piston is pulled back down the bore from TDC. In other words, it pays to make sure that the connecting rods you select for your stroker project are up to the task of handling the abuse you plan on throwing at them.

As with crankshafts, the past 15 years have produced an influx of affordable aftermarket connecting rods. Quality aftermarket rods are now so affordable, in fact, that tried-andtrue practices, such as shot-peening and reconditioning stock connecting rods, are a thing of the past. Connecting rods come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are made from several different materials, so it pays to study before laying down cash on a set of rods for your stroker project.

The cost of new rod bolts, resizing the big end, and press-fitting the rod back onto the piston is just as much as an entry-level forged I-beam rod, so stock connecting rods are destined for the scrap heap most of the time. A parting line is then machined onto the big end of the rod before cracking off the cap. The result is a cap that fits perfectly into the grooves of the rod when bolted down.

GM manufactured LS connecting rods in three different lengths. Rod length is measured from the center of the big-end bore to the center of the smallend bore. Of these, most feature press-fit piston wrist pins. The exceptions are the rods used in 6. With the launch of the Gen IV small-block inGM began phasing in rods with bushed smallends in order to support full-floating wrist pins.

Otherwise, all 6. To minimize production costs, GM also manufactures a longer 6. Because these smaller engines are equipped with a shorter 3. One of the latest iterations of factory GM rods is also the most extreme.

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To keep reciprocating mass to a minimum, GM developed a brand-new 6. These ultra-lightweight rods tip the scale at just grams, about 30 percent lighter than stock powdered-metal rods, which is part of the reason why the LS7 revs freely to 7, rpm. Due to the increase in power and cylinder pressure that results from strapping a supercharger onto the LS9, GM had to raise the rod bar once again. Compared to the LS7 rods, the LS9 rods are also built from titanium, but their beams are larger near the big end.

Unlike earlier LS rods, the LS9 units attach to the pistons with floating wrist pins that are secured by lock rings. Dowels help locate the rod caps, which is a feature usually exclusive to aftermarket rods. An interesting side note is that the LS9 rods are built by Austria-based Pankl, a leading supplier of Formula One engine components. For most hot rodders, aftermarket forged steel rods offer the best balance of strength and cost.

As with crankshafts, steel has become the standard for aftermarket rod forgings. Due to the minor difference in price between steel and weaker alloys, such as andthese lesser materials are rarely used anymore. These H-beam rods from Scat feature a lightening hole right above the big end housing to reduce mass.

The only benefit aluminum rods have over steel rods is a weight reduction of 25 percent. Because stock connecting rods are adequate to the hp mark, they are a viable option for a budget-oriented stroker build. However, the factory rod bolts become marginal once engine speeds approach 6, rpm.

This is because every time the piston is pulled back down the bore after it reaches TDC, tremendous loads are placed upon the rod bolts. In fact, rod bolts are subjected to the greatest amount of stress in the entire engine. Consequently, in any performance application where the stock rods are re-used, the bolts must be replaced with quality replacements from a company, such as ARP. Doing so requires machining the inside housing diameter of the big end of the rods, because new fasteners may change their shape.Reconditioned LS2 LS3 floating pin connecting rods 5.

LS2 LS3 floating pin connecting rods excellent used 5. LS2 LS3 floating pin connecting rods used 5. This listing is for part or sub-assembly number given below only. Rod is casting on rod cap. Rods are ready to install. Since these rods are remanufactured, they may be stamped with a random cylinderbut can be used in any cylinder. Rod are sold individually per rod. Fits the following:.

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3847 connecting rods

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3847 connecting rods

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GM Connecting Rod w/ Bushing 5.3L/5.7L/6.0L/6.2L (CRG-3847)

Eventually I snapped off one of the 1 bolts and visually 2 were over tight. I will be replacing the bolts on 1 and 2 but am wondering what I may have done wrong. Rod bearing caps are 26 lb. Main crank caps 40 lb. Therein lies your problem. Looks like they have a spec for connecting rod cap nuts and connecting rod bearing cap nuts. What's the difference? I'd like to know myself! MetroRob wrote: Looks like they have a spec for connecting rod cap nuts and connecting rod bearing cap nuts.

Aint that always the way? Murf Good luck finding those bolts. About 9 mnths ago. I could not find them. I did find rod nuts. I orderd a set at my local dealer. They came in packages. I bought both packages. When I went back in a month to order something else.

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3847 connecting rods

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